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With a passion and dedicated commitment to excellence, FUN TV is a culturally diverse & cutting edge, global lifestyle, Video On Demand (VOD) media channel.  FUN TV will be available globally via Resolv Communications on digital platforms, mobile devices and online (www.http://funtv.us).


We pride ourselves on embracing new and exciting technologies, therefore we'll offer the best in quality global entertainment (lifestyle, destination, cuisine, etc), produced using smart-phone technology, as well as traditional filming mediums.   Our goal is to allow anyone with a passion for visual storytelling, a broadcast platform to be seen.


Now that we have launched, we'll be looking to acquire compelling and meaningful lifestyle content.  Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new and upcoming content producer, FUN TV would love to have a relationship with you. Please send us a link to preview a sample of your production.


Video on Demand…when you want it!…where you want it!…and how you want it!!  Digital platforms, online & mobile devices, the future of television is here, and FUN is our specialty!!!!


FUN TV!!   Your Lifestyle...Your World!       Your Global Lifestyle Channel

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